"Belly Dance by The Lake"

Conference Class Descriptions

Reggae Belly Aerobics 

This is a low impact aerobic class that uses the basic fundamentals of bellydance to give you a great core workout. And it's all to the Hottest Reggae Music that makes you want to dance! Join Sumayyah to get a great workout and to strengthen your fundamentals. All Levels  

Pilates/Yoga for Bellydancers

This workshop will give you the exercises needed to help bring your dancing to the next level and keep your body safe and healthy for your dance journey. This low impact program will be on a hand out for you to take home. Bring a yoga mat & 2 bottles of water. Join Anne for this class. All Levels

Dancing from the Inside

Authentic movement is a technique which recognizes the wisdom held within each of our bodies. It Acknowledges the feminine power and healing aspects of belly dance, and the modern science that supports the field of Dance ~ Movement Therapy. Nehir will guide everyone through a memorable workshop.


Tahitian Bellydance Dance is another beautiful way of telling a story through movement of your arms, hands & hips. This workshop will teach Tahitian dance movements and put them into a choreography. This is a traditional Otea or welcoming dance. Video notes allowed. Come dance with Sherena.


Learn slow flowing hand & arm combinations, while creating a dance. In this class you will be able to concentrate on hand/arm placement & creating  gorgeous symmetry, that takes your dance to the next level. Little changes can make a big difference. Come dance with Jezebel to learn more about Floetry. 

The Dysfunctional Hip

Puzzled why your hip can't follow your mental instructions? New Bellydancers completely understand this! The hip can have a mind of it's own. Come discover small changes that can make a huge difference in your hip articulation. Aegela can teach you how to get more out of that Dysfunctional Hip!

Double Veil

Double Veil can bring a high level of professionalism to your performance and make you stand out. In this workshop you"ll learn basic techniques to control two veils and little tricks to make double veil a lot easier. Get ready for the swirling, hypnotic beauty of double veil!

Please to bring 2 veils, identical if possible, semi circle recommended. 

Turkish Chiftetelli

Emphasis will be on improvising to the slow, sensual 8/4 Turkish rhythm. Using lots of undulations,  floorwork & graceful arms. Taksim, an instrumental improvisation, is where Bellydancers should clearly recognize the Chiftetelli pulsation. Mariah will show you how!

Drum Solo

Join Athena in a fun drum solo choreography to perform as a soloist or as a group. In this class you will learn a snappy drum solo with fun accents, technical skills, and creative traveling movements. 

Lebanese Pop Choreography

Looking for new, exciting, & audience grabbing choreography, set to powerful infectious music!? Look no further! This is the workshop for you! Learn a 3 min choreography, broken up into 3 sections, so you will be able to learn it easily. Video notes allowed! Join Sherena

Turkish Oriental Bellydance

Turkish Oriental Bellydance uses the 9/8 rhythm known as Karsilama. This is a crowd favorite. This dance can be challenging because of the uneven count, with emphasis on the 1, 3, 5, and a special sway on beats 7, 8, 9. Join Mariah, so she can show you some of her favorite Karsilama signature moves.

Hip Hop Bellydance

Trenayce has developed a very unique style that combines Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern & Bellydance to create some exciting and crowd arousing choreography. Put your dance skills to the test and join Trenayce in this upbeat and "finger poppin" class. Put a little "Hip" in your "Hop".  Live Music by 1-800 SOS

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